Professional Notes

Dr. Shahid Alvi, Sociology Department, has had two articles accepted for publication. The first, "Understanding Sexual Assault on Canadian College Campuses: Testing Schwartz and Pitts' Feminist Routine Activities Theory," co-authored by W. DeKeseredy and M.D. Schwartz, will appear in the September issue of Justice Quarterly, the journal of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. The second, "Women's Fear of Crime in a Disadvantaged Canadian Neighborhood: Results From a Quality-of-Neighborhood-Life Survey," co-authored by M.D. Schwartz, W. DeKeseredy and M. Maume, will appear in the June issue of the journal Violence Against Women.

Dr. Bonnie Holte Bennett, Dale Panton and Emmett Davis, Graduate Programs in Software, are the authors of a paper, "Metadata Enriched XML Supporting HIPAA Compliant Medical and Human Service Person Matching for Information Retrieval and Integration: A Context<?xml:namespace prefix = o n s = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office"/>" accepted for inclusion in the proceedings of the 2001 International Conference on Internet Computing June 29 in Las Vegas. Bennet also is the author of a chapter, "System Health Management for Complex Systems," co-authored with Peter Bergstrom, Georg Vachtsevanos, Tariq Semad and Joe Van Dyke, in Automation, Control and Complexity: An Integrated View, edited by T. Smad and J. Weyrauch (John Wiley and Sons).

Dr. Stephen Brookfield, School of Education, recently gave a keynote speech, "Critical Perspectives On and In Practice-Oriented Education," at the national conference, "Understanding Practice-Oriented Education: Preparing to Meet the Challenges of Higher Education in the 21st Century," April 25-28 at Northeastern University in Boston.

Dr. Mary Anne Chalkley, Psychology Department, recently attended the biennial meeting of the society for Research in Child Development April 19-22 in Minneapolis. At the meeting she presented two posters based on different collaborative research projects. The first, "Are Some Things Easier to Remember Than Others? The Role of Placement and Distractors in Children's Memory Performance," was based on work done with UST student Mary Keller as part of a Young Scholars Award project last summer. The second, "Early Adolescent School Performance: The Influence of Gender, Family and Head Start Experience," examines some data from a larger scale, long-term collaboration with Dr. Robert Leik of the University of Minnesota Department of Sociology. In this work, they found that participation in Head Start at age 4 was related to better performance in seventh grade. The nature of the effects also was shaped by gender and family factors.

Geography Department members contributed to the annual Minnesota Academy of Science meetings recently. Dr. Robert Werner and Tom Loesch gave the plenary talk, "Geogaphic Information Systems (GIS) in Action: Case Study Demonstrations." Dr. Paul Lorah presented a paper, "Using GIS to Link the Diffusion of Amenity Economies and the Presence of Wilderness." UST student Mari Stensvold and Werner gave their paper, "A GIS Procedure to Estimate Developable Land in the Twin Cities Area," and Dr. David Kelly delivered his paper, "Identifying Regional Nitrate Leaching 'Hot Spots' and Evaluating Cropping System Effects Using GLEAMS-GIS Technology."

Dr. Jean Giebenhain, Psychology Department; Dr. Kendra Garrett, School of Social Work; Suzanne Donsky, English Department; and Elizabeth Dussol, Academic Counseling, gave a presentation, "When Worlds Collide: ESL Students Go to College," at the Minnesota ESL and Bilingual Education Conference May 4 in St. Paul.

Summer Hanson, a senior chemistry and biology major, and her adviser, Dr. William Ojala, Chemistry Department, are co-authors of a paper, "Molecular and Crystal Structures of N-aryl-beta-D-arylglycopyranosylamines From Mannose and Galactose," accepted for publication in the journal Carbohydrate Research. The paper reports the results of research by Hanson while earning departmental honors in chemistry. This is the second paper by Hanson and Ojala accepted for publication this year. Other co-authors are Ojala's brother Charles, a chemistry instructor at Normandale Community College, and Joanne Ostman, Charles' research student.

Dr. Meg Karraker and Dr. William Kinney, Sociology Department, presented a paper, "The Underside of Internships: Cautionary Tales From Over 200 Cases," at the April meeting of the Midwest Sociological Society in St. Louis.

Research by Dr. Mitchell Kusy, Organization Learning and Development Department, was featured in an article, "The Art and Science of Physician Recruitment," in the March/April issue of Physician Practice Digest. The article focused on Kusy's research with Dr. Louellen Essex on generational leadership as a benchmark for physician recruitment. In particular, the article addresses the recruiting and maintenance needs of three generations of physiucians. The article was adapted from Kusy's presentation at the annual conference of the Medical Group Management Association last October in Atlanta.

Dr. Mary Lou Wolsey, Modern and Classical Languages Department, served as a judge in the annual French contest, "A Vous la Parole," April 19 at St. Olaf College in Northfield. More than 700 middle, junior and high school French students participated. Wolsey also attended the 2001 Central States Conference on the Teaching of Languages April 26-29 in Indianapolis. She was a participant in the Central States Advisory Council sessions and presided over a session on using PowerPoint in a variety of ways to enhance language teaching.