Professional Notes for July 16, 2013

Dr. David Alexander and Dr. Aaron Sackett, Marketing Department, Opus College of Business, are the authors of an article titled "If Only I Had the Time! The Impact of Time Salience on Consumers' Evaluations of Product Offers," which has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Consumer Behaviour.

George Baboila, School of Social Work; Virgil Wiebe, School of Law; and Jennifer Wright, School of Law, presented on "Teaching Interprofessional Ethics" to a standing room only audience April 30 at the American Association of Law Schools annual clinical Conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Dr. Massimo Faggioli, Theology Department, College of Arts and Sciences, is the author of True Reform:  Liturgy and Ecclesiology in Sacrosanctum Concilium (Liturgical Press, 2012), which took third place in the Theology category in the Association of Catholic Publishers’ 2013 Book Awards.

Dr. Robert Kennedy, Center for Catholic Studies, is the author of "Animating Catholic Health Care: Communion with the Church," published in the proceedings of the symposium, "Is a For-Profit Structure a Viable Alternative for Catholic Health Care Ministry?" at Seton Hall University School of Law.

Dr. Stephen Hipp, associate professor of systematic theology at The Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity, is the author of a book, The Doctrine of Personal Subsistence: Historical and Systematic Synthesis, in the series Studia Friburgensia, Academic Press Fribourg, Fribourg, Switzerland, 2012.

Dr. Michael Hollerich, Theology Department, College of Arts and Sciences, is the author of “Eusebius of Caesarea and his Commentary on the Psalms: Its Place in the Origins of Christian Biblical Scholarship," published in Eusebius of Caesarea: Tradition and Innovations, Aaron Johnson and Jeremy Schott, eds., pp. 151-167. Hellenic Studies Series, 60; Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press/Center for Hellenic Studies, 2013.

Dr. Debra Petersen, Dr. Kevin Sauter and Dr. Tim Scully, Communication and Journalism Department, College of Arts and Sciences, presented "Preparing for Study Abroad/Away Service-Learning Experiences. Organizations, Structures and Students" May 30 at the second annual Upper Midwest Civic Engagement Summit held at Loras College, Dubuque, Iowa. The summit provided opportunities for faculty, professional staff, students and community leaders interested in higher education civic engagement activities to network and learn from one another while engaging in skill-building and to discuss challenging issues. The conference was sponsored by the Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin Campus Compacts.

Dr. Gerald Schlabach, Theology Department, College of Arts and Sciences, is co-editor, with Margret Pfeil, of Sharing Peace: Mennonites and Catholics in Conversation (Liturgical Press, Collegeville, Minn., 2013). Schlabach also contributed a chapter in the book Catholic and Mennonite: A Journey of Healing, pp. 159-175.

Dr. Buffy Smith, Sociology and Criminal Justice Department, College of Arts and Sciences, is the author of Mentoring At-Risk Students through the Hidden Curriculum of Higher Education (Lexington Books, 2013). The book reveals how the institutional culture and social networks of universities influence the academic success of underrepresented students. This book is based on a qualitative study that integrates a sociological and higher education theoretical framework to examine the impact of mentoring programs on students’ acquisition of institutional cultural capital and social capital during their college experience. It offers an innovative mentoring model that illuminates how students can navigate the hidden curriculum of higher education. In addition, the book provides practical strategies on how to avoid academic mine fields in order to thrive in college. This book is written for administrators, faculty, student affairs professionals and students to promote retention and academic success and create a more transparent, inclusive and equitable higher education system.

Dr. Christian Washburn, associate professor of theology at the St. Paul Seminary School of Divinity, is the author of an article titled “The Value of Offering Sacrifice for the Dead in the Thought of the Fathers of the Church,” published in Antiphon: A Journal for Liturgical Renewal, 16.3 (2012):154-178.