Renting Off Campus Next Year?

Students who are considering renting off campus next year, on their own or with roommates, should be aware of a new and important change taking place.

The city of St. Paul has created a new Student Housing Overlay District surrounding the St. Thomas campus. The affected area is outlined on the map below. The properties in the designated zone must be registered and approved by the city upon rental to students.

Student Housing Map

Students who wish to rent a single-family house or a duplex within this area are encouraged to make certain the property is a City of St. Paul registered-and-approved student rental before signing any paperwork.

While the city still is finalizing rental property registration details, students can begin confirming addresses of properties they are considering for next year. To confirm a desired rental(s), contact Off-Campus Student Services, (651) 962-6659. The city has shared the list of approved properties with OCSS and will continue to update the list as more registered-and-approved properties are confirmed.

For more information about the ordinance and its impact, refer to these additional resources: