Service-Learning Advisory Board: Call for Letters of Interest

The Service-Learning Advisory Board will have three graduate faculty, one graduate student, and one undergraduate student opening beginning fall semester 2012.

The Service Learning Advisory Board, made up of six undergraduate faculty, three graduate faculty, one community partner, as well as its ex officio membership of the AVP for Academic Services and Special Programs, the director of Service-Learning, and the administrative assistant to the Office of Service Learning, meets six times annually. The board offers guidance and expertise for utilizing campus resources and contacts for the advancement of service-learning; members also work on subcommittees of the board. There is a three-year term for faculty members, and a one-year nonrenewable term for student members.

All clinical, tenure-track, and tenured faculty interested in serving on the advisory board are invited to send a letter of interest to Dr. Kimberly Vrudny, including information on academic and professional experience related to service-learning and reasons they are interested in serving on the board. These three graduate faculty will be new to the board; they are not replacing former members. We are attempting to equalize undergraduate and graduate representation on the advisory board.

Graduate and undergraduate students interested in serving on the board are also invited to send a letter of interest along with a letter of recommendation from a faculty member to Vrudny, including a description of service-learning experiences and reasons they would like to serve on the board.

Letters of interest should be received no later than Friday, May 4.

For additional information about the Office of Service Learning or its advisory board, please contact Vrudny, (651) 962-5337, or a current board member:

  • Tonia Bock
  • Carol Bruess
  • Kate Caffrey
  • Sue Cipolle
  • John Del Vecchio
  • Jan Frank
  • Barbara Gorski
  • David Jamieson
  • Kelli Larson
  • Nekima Levy-Pounds
  • Kathy Mann Arnott
  • Maria Mantey
  • Debra Petersen
  • Paro Pope
  • Eleni Roulis
  • Tim Scully
  • Susan Spray