David Penchansky headshot.

St. Thomas Theology Professor Emeritus Publishes Book

University of St. Thomas Professor Emeritus David Penchansky recently published a book, Solomon and the Ant: The Qur’an in Conversation with the Bible. He has been interviewed on two podcasts about the book: “Exploring the Quran and the Bible” (hosted by Professor Gabriel Said Reynolds of the University of Notre Dame) and “What Matters Most” (hosted by Dr. John Martens of the Centre for Christian Engagement).

Publisher’s summary:

Solomon and the Ant, using the Bible as a dialogue partner, examines stories from the Qur’an, their drama, characters, and meaning. Although some qur’anic stories have close biblical parallels, here Penchansky examines stories without biblical precursors. Qur’anic narratives in dialogue with biblical texts enhance understanding. Penchansky chooses biblical stories that address similar questions about the nature of God and God’s interaction with people.