Staff Council elections will be held in March

Staff Council elections will be held in March

The UST Staff Council elections will be held in March. There are seven vacancies in the following areas:

  • Academic (2)
  • Administrative (2)
  • Auxiliary Services (2)
  • At-Large St. Paul (1)

Staff Council members serve a two-year term.

Nominations must be returned no later than Monday, Feb. 6. Fill out the form sent to you through intercampus mail or the form on the Staff Council Web site. After nominations are received, a ballot will be sent to all non-exempt employees, with voting closing March 20.

Please note:

  • Non-exempt (hourly) employees can show their interest in the council by nominating any other non-exempt employee or by placing their own name for nomination.
  • Nominees will be contacted by the election subcommittee prior to the election for confirmation of their willingness to serve on the council, if elected.
  • All voting will be done by a written ballot.
  • The election subcommittee will announce the results at the Appreciation Breakfast on Wednesday, April 5, and in the UST Staff Council minutes.

Staff Council mission: Council shall serve as a forum to foster communication, advise in decision-making processes and, in general, focus on cooperation, working conditions and morale at UST. Staff Council is a deliberative and recommending body, considering and discussing job-related issues originating from both its constituency or referred by UST's administration. We welcome all suggestions, feedback and comments.

Staff Council meets monthly and hosts open constituent meetings annually.

If you would like further clarification, or have questions, please contact one of the election subcommittee members: Linda Lee Borovansky, (651) 962-6417; or Lisa Keiser, (651) 962-5982.