Student research project needs your input, offers prizes

Student research project needs your input, offers prizes

Victoria Bibeau and Gwendolyn Ryan, two St. Thomas social work majors, need your help with their senior project. In collaboration with the Wellness Center, they are conducting research on the prevention of and education on high-risk drinking.

Your help is needed. St. Thomas students are asked to share their stories of how high-risk drinking has affected their lives or the lives of someone they know. To safeguard confidentiality, you can request an alias name or have a different person record your story, or both.

The study will be used to create a Web site with these stories uploaded in audio format to raise awareness and educate others about the risks people take when under the influence of alcohol.

In appreciation for your participation, you can win two free movie tickets or a Target gift card.

If interested in participating, e-mail Bibeau or Ryan.