Management Faculty Member Needs Help From UST Staff

Kevin Henderson, a second-year faculty member in the Department of Management at the University of St. Thomas, needs help to finish his dissertation this semester from the University of Arkansas, which requires that he collect more data before he can defend in December.

Henderson in his dissertation is examining the attitudes and experiences of university staff. He is asking that exempt and non-exempt staff fill out an online survey, which should take between 30 and 45 minutes. Access the survey here.

According to Henderson, the survey asks questions about  jobs, supervisors, the university, employment contracts, employee experiences, and survey takers' personalities. The survey will be online through  Friday, Oct. 22. 

“I have received IRB approval for this survey (#A10-144-01) and can assure everyone that all of the responses will be held in the strictest of confidence,” Henderson said. “In addition to assisting me with my dissertation, upon completing the survey, you also will be able to enter your name into a cash drawing. After taking down the survey, I will draw names for 13 cash prizes: eight in the amount of $25, four in the amount of $50, and one in the amount of $100; again, I assure you that your responses will be anonymous and that your responses to the survey will not be linked in any way to the cash drawing.”