Tech Tip Tuesday: Help us help you

Tech Tip Tuesday: Help us help you

Information Resources and Technologies (IRT) Client Services provides a single point of presence for accessing academic and administrative technology support services – in person, online, or by phone – as well as any complex coordination, cross-training, support, and knowledge management essential to your success.

In Brief
Client Services is the "one-stop shop" for all client requests and includes the Tech Desk, Rapid Response team, Academic and Administrative Technology Consultants and CORE team.

Tech Desk
The first tier consultants of the IRT Tech Desk strive to resolve client calls within 90 seconds of answering and to prevent hold times from exceeding three minutes. Questions that do not fall into this 90-second category are escalated to the Rapid Response team or consultants depending on the complexity of the question. We track all inquiries and create a record of technology issues for service and support planning purposes.

Rapid Response Team
The rapid response team provides site visits that are of the break/fix variety, software and client installs, classroom emergencies, new computer replacements in the summer, and booking and supporting classroom technology.

Technical Training and Application Consulting
Training and application consulting are intertwined, driven by system rollout and user need. We collect data on a continual basis as a means of assessing training needs and gathering feedback for the technical training currently in place. All classroom training will be first justified based on need data and coordinated through the Leadership Academy.

Contacting the IRT Tech Desk

Now that you have a general understanding of the process, here is how you can contact the IRT Tech Desk with questions or concerns about technology at the university. There are three ways to get assistance from the Tech Desk:

In person
Your first stop for in-person assistance is at the St. Paul InfoCommons, O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library Center, on the St. Paul campus and Scholars in Opus Hall on the Minneapolis campus. Click here for the hours and locations.

By phone
Your first phone call for assistance is (651) 962-6230. The Tech Desk consultant will either be able to immediately assist you in solving your problem or redirect your question to the appropriate person who can solve your problem.

Your first e-mail request for assistance should be addressed to Your question will be answered by return e-mail during regularly monitored hours or escalated to the appropriate IRT staff member. E-mail requests for help sent outside of regular operating hours will be responded to during the next scheduled hours of operations.