The value of vacation: (Opus Magnum needs one too)

One facet to increasing productivity is taking time off--real time off, not a vacation spent with one thumb on the iPhone at all times, said Carson Tate, the managing partner of Working Simply in Fast Company last month. One commenter on the article put it succinctly: "Vacation time is just as important as work time and it deserves the same respect."

“In the workplace, I think we are just assaulted by information, commitments, timelines, deadlines and what happens is our thinking is scattered and disconnected,” she observes. “Think about when you have your eureka moments. Some of the best ideas come when you are in the shower with bubbles in your hair.” Vacations not only offer a respite from the daily grind but the downtime offers opportunities to allow new concepts and strategies to marinate. “When you come back you are rested, you able to innovate, your passion is back,” Tate says.

In that light, I'm taking a vacation - as is Opus Magnum. Posts will resume on August 13. Happy summer!