TommieMedia Accepts Fall Semester Job Applications

Are you looking for a way to refine and develop your multimedia skills? Do you want to write stories, cover sports, design copy or sell ads? TommieMedia prepares its student staff for the rapidly changing world of multimedia journalism.

As a multimedia staff member you will have the opportunity to write stories, shoot photos, produce videos and create slide shows. You also will learn how to use social media as a reporting tool.

Do you have great people skills or an interest in sales and design? As an ad sales consultant you can work with on- and off-campus organizations to sell advertising space. You will help clients promote their businesses, events or specials through advertising campaigns on

As a designer, you will work with TommieMedia staff and clients to produce original advertisements. Your creative capacities will be developed and ideas will be translated into copy through Adobe Photoshop. On the ad staff you will see firsthand how an organization uses social media and promotional tools to gain audience involvement and exposure.

As any part of the TommieMedia team you will have networking opportunities, gain experience in the real world of news, and produce pieces that build your portfolio. All TommieMedia jobs are paid positions. Applications are being accepted, and each applicant will receive an interview with the TommieMedia executive team.

For more information email Cynthia Johnson, or check out TommieMedia's jobs section.

Application information:

Tier 3 and Tier 4 applications are due by 10 p.m. Friday, April 27.

  • Tier 3 positions:
    • Chief video editor
    • Chief photo editor
    • Chief studio producer
    • University affairs editor
    • Sports editor
    • Opinions editor
    • Advertising manager
    • Public relations manager
    • Social media manager
    • Design manager
  • Tier 3.5 and Tier 4 positions:
    • Senior reporter
    • Reporter
    • Photojournalist
    • Creative design staff
    • Advertising sales staff is the completely digital, student-led and produced news source for the University of St. Thomas. It offers multimedia experience and development in a learning-lab atmosphere. The TommieMedia team is nationally recognized and award-winning, and it reaches more than just the St. Thomas campus. Readership includes parents, neighbors, business owners and friends in addition to students.