Tree Removal to Affect Summit Avenue Properties

The University of St. Thomas Grounds Department has scheduled tree removal through S&S Tree and Horticulture for two UST properties, 2166 Summit Ave. and 2154 Summit Ave., on Tuesday, Sept. 21, and Wednesday, Sept. 22.

Because of the size of the two trees, a large crane will be brought in to assist in the removal. Work will begin first on the diseased elm at 2166 Summit and then continue at 2154 Summit.

The following properties will be effected by the removal:

  • 2166 Summit Ave.
    Removal of all cars on the alley flat space. Power also will be disrupted during the removal of the limbs in the wires. Removal of approximately 24 feet of fencing on the south and east side of property. No use of rear yard during removal.
  • 2156 Summit Ave.
    No parking in the garage or parking pad. Access to the alley will be blocked. Power also will be removed from this property as the wires travel through the same trees. No use of rear yard during removal. Access is needed for the crane to pass limbs through the rear yard of this property.
  • 2154 Summit Ave.
    No parking of any vehicles in garage or pad space. Power will be disrupted to remove branches. Once it has been deemed safe the power will be restored.

On following properties, parking will not be allowed, there will not be access to the alley, and cars will have to be removed to avoid possible damage:

  • 2159 Grand Ave.
  • 2163 Grand Ave.
  • 2167 Grand Ave.
  • 2170 Summit Ave.
  • 2171 Grand Ave.
  • 2151 Grand Ave. – farthest west lane will need to be roped off. Rest of lot should be able to be used.
  • 2144 Summit Ave. – No parking in the rear.

For more information call Bob Reed, Grounds Department, (651) 962-6545.