The University of St. Thomas sign in front of the Anderson Student Center. Mark Brown/University of St. Thomas

USG Issues Resolution Denouncing Hate

St. Thomas’ Undergraduate Student Government (USG) has issued a resolution denouncing white supremacy and hatred in all forms. President Julie Sullivan endorsed the resolution.

“With this current election, there’s so much at stake and so many emotions poured into it. There’s COVID. There’s police brutality. It’s very polarizing, as there are a lot of issues that are heavy and affect the students on campus,” Tyus Edmond ’22, VP of finance for USG, said. “We wanted to make sure that people, going into this election, feel safe on campus and that they understand that the administration and the student government support everyone fully.”

As USG exists to support and represent the student body, the organization’s leadership felt compelled to officially address divisiveness.

“People have become more aware of existing racial inequities, which have been especially heightened within our Twin Cities community,” Haison Nguyen ’23, VP of public relations for USG, said.

To show support for the resolution, Maria Ambrose ’22, VP of equity and inclusion for USG, encourages faculty to bring it up in class, state that they back the principles of the resolution and commit to an inclusively safe environment for discussions. Diversity, equity and inclusion is one of the initiatives for USG.

“There is always more work to do to make our society more just and equitable, and that includes on our campus,” USG President Michael Sullivan ’21 said. “While there isn’t a finish line, there might be goals along the way, but we really want to make our campus as welcoming as possible for all students. Seeing President Julie Sullivan sign on and endorse our resolution really shows [the administration’s] commitment, and we’re really excited to work with the administration to continue this work.”