UST At-Work Weight Watchers hosts open house today

The UST At-Work Weight Watchers group on the Minneapolis campus has had a successful start, with a 15-week collective loss of 305 pounds among the 22 members.

The group will start a new series on Tuesday, May 25. An informational open house about the program will be held at noon today, Monday, May 17, in Room 253, Terrence Murphy Hall. Anyone interested in joining is welcome to stop by and learn more about Weight Watchers at no charge. This event is open to employees, friends, family and students of UST.

Weigh-in for the new series will start at 9:30 a.m. in Room 253, Terrence Murphy Hall. The meeting will begin at 10 a.m.

The series that is chosen will depend on the number of participants:

  • A 12-week series costs $156 (pay in full or make three payments of $52) and includes eight weeks of free online eTools. A minimum of 15 paid members is required.
  • A 17-week series costs $186 (or three payments of $62) and includes 19 weeks of free eTools. A minimum of 20 paid members is required.

Bring a co-worker promotion is back

At-Work meeting members can invite a co-worker or friend working nearby to the meeting. If the co-worker or friend joins, both the member and the friend will receive a complimentary six-month subscription to Weight Watchers Magazine.

For those who would like to commit but cannot attend the open house on May 17, e-mail Marti King.