UST in the News

UST in the news

Here's a roundup of recent St. Thomas mentions of interest in various media. Read the stories by clicking on the links. Links do expire and change as papers move stories to “archive” status, so be sure to read stories soon if you’re interested. In some cases, you’ll need to register on the publication’s Web site in order to access the stories.

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  • “Homers happen: St. Thomas hitters say they don't try for a home run when they go to the plate, but they've connected for 69 dingers this season, an NCAA Division III record,” St. Paul Pioneer Press, May 18, 2006. UST photographer Mike Ekern’s excellent photos accompanied this story about the softball team (in the paper version).
  • “Young don't vote? He disagrees,” St. Paul Pioneer Press, May 18, 2006. Columnist Laura Billings writes, “Minnesota has a long history of college professors who have been a force in politics. Hubert Humphrey came back to teach at Macalester after he lost the Minneapolis mayor's race. Eugene McCarthy began his bid for Congress while he taught at St. Thomas . Paul Wellstone started up that green bus while he taught political science at Carleton College.”
  • “'Da Vinci Code': fact, fiction and fears of the faithful,” St. Paul Pioneer Press, May 18, 2006. Dr. David Landry, Theology Department, comments on the book that inspired the movie, “Dan Brown makes some very overt claims both in the front of his book and in the presentation of the characters that represent that the historical background material is accurate, when in fact it isn't, at least not always.”
  • “Notary priest gains notoriety by spotting a notable bird,” Star Tribune, May 19, 2006. “The Rev. Tom Margevicius, an avid birdwatcher when he's not teaching at the St. Paul Seminary, spotted a prothonotary warblerSunday on Pike Island.”
  • “Small Business: Sweeping commitment to carpet,” Star Tribune, May 22, 2006. “Mike Ryan, director of the Small Business Development Center at the University of St. Thomas College of Business, said that overspending on marketing is not an unusual problem for new small-business owners who might be reluctant to pitch their products or services directly.”
  • “Executive compensation: 2006 annual report,” Star Tribune, May 22, 2006. “‘People who want to make the pay-for-performance argument are finding it harder and harder,’ said Robert Kennedy, professor of ethics and business law at the University of St. Thomas College of Business.”
  • “Good Question: Why Are Our Opinions Right?” WCCO-TV, May 24, 2006. “We tend to surround ourselves with people who think like us, which reinforces our opinions, whether they are right or wrong. … This is what leads us to believe that our opinion is the right one and to also assume it is shared by others. A University of St. Thomas student learned this the hard way this past weekend. During his speech at the graduation ceremony he offered up his opinion that ‘birth control is selfish.’ He was greeted with boos and catcalls. …”
  • “Think on your feet while in the job interview hot seat,” Star Tribune, May 25, 2006. “There are legal limits to using behavioral or personality questions, said Mick Sheppeck, an assistant dean at the University of St. Thomas College of Business and former director of organizational development at Honeywell International Inc.”
  • “Free to a good home: Art. Very big art.” Star Tribune, May 28, 2006. “[John] Jarpe has sold his smaller works all over the country. In the Twin Cities, they can be found in some of the buildings of the Minneapolis campus of the University of St. Thomas. ”
  • “How to put a diversity plan into action at your company,” Star Tribune, May 29, 2006. “I would like to end with a quote from Bob Ulrich, CEO of Target Corp., in his 2001 University of St. Thomas commencement address: ‘Each of you can effect change, with your new way of looking at things, with new ideas you bring to the table. America is built on ideas -- the idea of freedom, the idea of liberty, the idea of diversity, the idea that everyone should make a contribution, the idea of a better place to live and hopefully ideas that will make the entire world a better place for all of us.’”
  • “GMI scores with Internet sales,” Star Tribune, May 29, 2006. “The expert says: Mike Ryan, director of the Small Business Development Center at the University of St. Thomas College of Business, said GMI could face new competition if equipment manufacturers move into refurbishing and serving their equipment the way the Ramsey firm does.”
  • “Ethics lesson is everyone's business,” Star Tribune, May 30, 2006. “North High School economics teacher Sara Paul has been recognized recently for work she does outside her classroom, including for a business ethics project she is working on along with local business groups and the University of St. Thomas.”
  • “New federal judge getting used to title,” Star Tribune, May 30, 2006. “Patrick Schiltz will be sworn in today as the 33rd person to serve on Minnesota 's federal trial court. A founding dean of the University of St. Thomas Law School, Schiltz, 45, was nominated by President Bush in December on the recommendation of Sens. Norm Coleman and Mark Dayton.”