UST in the News for April 29, 2015

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College of Arts and Sciences

“Pope Francis and the politics of a (maybe) short papacy,” Crux, March 14. Theology professor Massimo Faggioli is quoted.

“Le pape annonce un jubilé pour mettre en pratique la miséricorde envers tous,” La Croix, March 15. Faggioli is quoted (in French).

“Observing ‘the signs of the times’: Final Vatican II document subject of UST conference,” The Catholic Spirit, March 17. Theology professors Faggioli and Bernard Brady are quoted.

“Winton Guest House Moving—Again,” Architecture MN, April 2015. Art history professor Victoria Young is quoted.

“150 years ago: The surrender that ended the Civil War,” MPR, April 10. History professor David Willard is quoted.

“Remembering Cardinal George,” WBEZ, April 17. Faggioli is quoted.

“5 lessons from the resignation of Bishop Robert Finn,” Religion News Service, April 21. Faggioli is quoted.

“France’s gay ambassador-nominee poses special challenges for ‘Who am I to judge’ Pope Francis,” The Washington Post, April 23. Faggioli is quoted.


College of Education, Leadership and Counseling

“Selma: Remembering Bloody Sunday,” Insight News, March 18. Leadership, policy and administration professor Artika Tyner is quoted.

“'We Know How This Ends' is poetic and practical in embracing the inevitable,”, March 19. Review of former dean Bruce Kramer’s book We Know How This Ends: Living While Dying.

“Review: We Know How This Ends, by Bruce Kramer, with Cathy Wurzer,” Star Tribune, March 21.

“St. Thomas' Bruce Kramer, 59, chronicled disease, life - and death,” Pioneer Press, March 23.

“Bruce Kramer's journey with ALS reaches its end,” MPR, March 23.

“'We Know How This Ends' launch will celebrate author Bruce Kramer's life,” Pioneer Press, March 24.

“Bruce Kramer, former St. Thomas dean who wrote of life with ALS, dies at 59,” Star Tribune, March 27.

“Listen: Cathy Wurzer remembers Bruce Kramer,” MPR, April 2.


Opus College of Business

“Local businesses offer deals for laid off Target workers,” KARE 11, March 13.

“Report: Mpls. Scores MLS Team and New Stadium,” KSTP, March 14. Finance professor John Spry is quoted.

“Small Downtown Business Braces For Impact Following Target Layoffs,” WCCO, March 20. Marketing professor Dave Brennan is quoted.

“Tipping Etiquette Shifting With iPad-Based Systems,” WCCO, March 23. Brennan is quoted. “MLS to make 'major announcement' Wednesday at Target Field,” Star Tribune, March 24. Ethics and business law professor John Wendt is quoted.

“MLS banking on unique appeal to new Twin Cities market,” Star Tribune, March 28. Wendt is quoted.

“Amid lovely peonies, some worry about the future of the Macy's flower show,” Star Tribune, March 27. Brennan is quoted.

“Outside Consultant: Mixing public relations and marketing at a small firm,” Star Tribune, March 29. Master of business communication program director Michael Porter is quoted.

“Laid-off Target workers support each other online,” Star Tribune, March 30.

“2015’s Best Cities to Start a Business,” WalletHub, April 2015. Entrepreneurship professor David Deeds is quoted.

“Lilly Pulitzer rush overwhelms Target's website, quickly sells out at stores,” Star Tribune, April 20. Brennan is quoted.

“Target Marketing, Refining The Bull's-Eye,” Twin Cities Business, April 27. Commentary by marketing adjunct professor Glenn Karwoski.


School of Engineering

“How are the Humanities integral to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM)?” Minnesota Humanities Center, March 12. School of Engineering professor Camille George is mentioned.

“How Technology Is Modernizing Companies' Business Models,” Twin Cities Business, March 25. Graduate programs in software professor Brad Rubin is quoted.

“How Long Can Oceans Continue To Absorb Earth’s Excess Heat?” Yale Environment 360, March 30. School of Engineering professor John Abraham is quoted.

“The 2016 election: Out of millions of Americans, this is our list?” Star Tribune, April 6. Commentary by professor emeritus Fred Zimmerman.

“The Pacific Ocean may have entered a new warm phase — and the consequences could be dramatic,” The Washington Post, April 10. Abraham is quoted.

“Heartland Institute takes climate foolishness to a Biblical level,” The Guardian, April 28. Commentary by Abraham, with quotes from theology professor Bernard Brady.


School of Law

“Black Lives Matter calls for a boycott of the Mall of America following first hearing,” Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder, March 11. School of Law professor Nekima Levy-Pounds is quoted.

“Why Lawyers Object to Making Legal Briefs Briefer,” The Wall Street Journal, March 12. School of Law professor Greg Sisk is quoted.

“Another Eagan outlet mall shopper stopped, released by police,” KMSP, March 14. Levy-Pounds is quoted.

“The rise of Black Lives Matter Minneapolis,”, March 24. Levy-Pounds is quoted.

“Better Ed criticized for appropriating #BlackLivesMatter hashtag, black fist,” KMSP, March 11. Levy-Pounds is quoted.

“Report shows racial disparities in Mpls. Arrests,” KARE 11, March 16. Levy-Pounds is quoted.

“Tom Cotton’s Letter Was a Breach of Constitutional Decorum,” National Review, March 18. Commentary by School of Law professor Michael Paulsen.

“Issues resulting from the #BlackLivesMatter protest at MOA are not complex,”, March 19. Commentary by Levy-Pounds.

“States urged to call for convention to amend U.S. Constitution,” Kansas City Star, March 19. Paulsen is quoted.

“'Compelled to act': Civil rights attorney, social-justice advocate to speak at WSU,” Winona Daily News, March 21. Levy-Pounds is quoted.

“Good Questions: Tax Returns, Unsold Girl Scout Cookies, Folding Hands For Prayer,” WCCO, March 20. School of Law professor Charles Reid is quoted.

“'Maternal feminists' defend motherhood at United Nations,” Deseret News, March 25. School of Law professor Teresa Collett is quoted.

“Good Question: How Effective Are Lie Detector Tests?” WCCO, March 25. School of Law professor Mark Osler is quoted.

“Federal complaint alleges Minneapolis school routinely violates special education students' rights,” Star Tribune, March 26. Levy-Pounds is quoted.

“Defrocked priest finds strength in new followers,” The Record, March 30. Reid is quoted.

“Reaction to Religious Freedom Law,” KARE 11, March 31. Reid is quoted.

“The prison door creaks open,” MSNBC, March 31. Commentary by Osler.

“Meet the Mall of America 11,, April 1. Levy-Pounds is quoted.

“MPS works on 'fresh-starting' Harrison Center, subject of federal complaint,”, April 2. Levy-Pounds is quoted.

“Minneapolis council members seek to repeal low-level crimes,” Star Tribune, April 3. Levy-Pounds is quoted.

“Marijuana and iron bars,” MSNBC, April 20. Commentary by Osler.

“St. Paul Anti-Racism Leaders' Humble Roots,” City Pages, April 27. Levy-Pounds is featured.

"Pope Francis Steps Up Campaign on Climate Change, to Conservatives’ Alarm," The New York Times, April 27. Reid is quoted.

“What Is Religious Freedom?” The Alabama Baptist, April 28. School of Law professor Tom Berg is quoted.


In other news

“Creating safe campuses: sexual assault prevention and policy on our campuses,” Minnesota Private College Council, March 2015. St. Thomas’ bystander intervention training for students is highlighted.

“Firms reach out to the new ex-Target workers,” Star Tribune, March 20.

“High costs, low ridership bring end to college shuttle service,” Star Tribune, March 30.

“U. of St. Thomas grad Melissa Hoppe cleans up at college awards,” Star Tribune, April 27.

"UST Student in Medically-Induced Coma after Being Hit by Car in Japan," KSTP, April 28.