Web Wednesday: Tools drawer changes made

A snapshot of the Tools drawer, pictured above, is available by clicking the ‘Tools’ link in the main header. Other drawers available include News, Events & Directories and A-Z Index. These three drawers can be located on most redesigned UST Web pages.

Web Wednesday: Tool drawer changes made

A change has been made to the global navigation for all redesigned Web sites at UST that have the "drawer navigation." A link to Libraries replaced the existing link to WebTrends just in time for spring semester. (See picture above.)

“The Web at UST is a living, changing thing,” noted Kevin Knutson of Web and Media Services (IRT). "We saw a need for a widely used campus resource to have more prominent real estate and we reacted."

The UST Web sites are managed by the Collage Content Management System. In early July, as part of the new UST home page, new global navigation was designed for the Web site. This global navigation features three "drawers" – News, Events & Directories, A-Z Index, and Tools – which make it easier and quicker for visitors to navigate the Web site.

"We are on the dawn of new age with Web sites at UST, and we are working every day toward making a truly integrated Web experience a reality,” commented Liz Houle, director of Web and Media Services.

IRT looks forward to working with the UST community on the continual evolution of UST's Web environment and the WebSPACE project’s goal of making our Web presence a first-class communication channel.

Suggestions, comments and feedback about any Web tools can be e-mailed directly to the IRT Tech Desk.