Campus Space Working Group considers requests endorsed by deans or vice presidents

Campus Space Working Group considers requests endorsed by deans or vice presidents

The Campus Space Working Group is a subgroup of the AAL (Academic and Administrative Leadership). Co-chaired by Joe Kreitzer (Office of the Chief Academic Officer) and Linda Halverson (Office of the Chief Administrative Officer), the group's challenge is to look down the road and, as collaborative stewards of the university’s resources, consider both the long- and short-term effects of our campus space needs.

In addition to the co-chairs, the group’s membership includes Jerry Anderley (Physical Plant), Sharon Fischer (Minneapolis Campus), Mary Ann Ryan (Student Affairs), Paul Kozak (IRT), Barbara Shank (Social Work) and Susan Alexander (President’s Office).

The group makes its recommendations using these decision criteria:

  • In general, units (whether academic or nonacademic) should be located together as much as possible.
  • Space adjustments should, when possible, be based on an assessment of long-term impact rather than short-term pressures.
  • When multiple requests for the same space are made, the committee’s decision is guided by the greatest good from a university perspective.

Requests for all space should come through the requestor’s dean or vice president. Deans and vice presidents will consider the request in the context of their strategic priorities. Endorsed recommendations are then passed along to the campus space working group, who accept them year-round, for the following consideration or action using the above decision criteria.

  • Move/expansion requests are considered by the group within the context of the larger picture of currently open requests.
  • Requests with an associated cost for repair/construction beyond base should include the completion of a Physical Plant project request form (available from the space committee and Physical Plant).
  • A conceptual budget is developed by Physical Plant, approved by the requestor’s vice president and/or dean as appropriate, and considered for funding through the capital requests process.
  • Baseline moves include painting every five years; carpet every 10 years; costs are encumbered by Physical Plant budget. Others must be encumbered by the requestor’s department budget.

Please feel free to direct any questions you may have about the campus space working to Joe Kreitzer or Linda Halverson.