I know, I know. By now winter is the season we despise with the fiery passion of a thousand suns. It’s the season that has taken our hopes for spring, pantsed them and dragged them around the track. Winter has dumped our books and is now sitting on our chests, rubbing still-frozen clods of dirt in our faces as we cry for help.

You know, this has become more about my middle school experience than I had originally planned.

Anyway, those of us in Photo Services thought we’d offer a reminder that it wasn’t always this way. Before it became the March and April bully, winter had a beauty of its own – a quiet side that excelled at hushing the world into a contemplative tranquility.

Winter will eventually get hauled off to the principal’s office and sent home for the day. As we pick ourselves up off the ground and wipe the gravel from our hair, let’s not forget that the bully once had the soul of a poet.

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Mike Ekern is the director of photography for the University of St. Thomas.

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