Grads give painting and fellowship to School of Law

Grads give painting and fellowship to School of Law

The University of St. Thomas law class of 2007 presented School of Law Dean Thomas Mengler with two class gifts at commencement ceremonies Saturday.

The class selected two gifts for the School of Law: money for a fellowship and a painting for the atrium. 

The painting is now hanging in the atrium in front of the stairs coming from the school’s lower level. The artist is Jerome Tupa, a Benedictine monk, priest, professor of French and artist at St. John's Abbey and University in Collegeville. 

His works have won international acclaim and have been displayed at the Librarie St. Severin and the Galerie des Pas Perdus in Paris, the Musee National de Jean Moulin in Bordeaux, the Pierre Colt Gallery in Nice, and at numerous galleries throughout the United States.

The fellowship will support a St. Thomas law graduate who works in the field of public service.

The class reached a 98 percent participation rate in the class-gift campaign. Such participation rates often are used as a measuring stick for student and alumni acceptance, support and confidence in a school’s law program.