Physical Plant Warns of icy Conditions This Week

The combination of warm daytime and below freezing nighttime temperatures forecast for this week is likely to create icy conditions in parking lots and on sidewalks around campus.

The Grounds and Building Services teams are working to keep sidewalks and building entrances salted and ice free; however, given the rapid melting and overnight freezing expected this week, they cannot ensure that walking surfaces will remain ice free.

Early morning conditions, prior to full sunrise, are likely to be particularly treacherous due to low light conditions and cool early morning temperatures. The Physical Plant offers the following suggestions to avoid slips and falls due to icy walkways and stairs:

  • Keep your eyes on your walking path and avoid using cell phones, reading or carrying large packages while walking about campus.
  • Use a hand rail (if available) when ascending or descending stairs.
  • Wear low-heel shoes with adequate traction. (Avoid smooth-soled shoes.)

If you notice ice forming on campus walkways or around building entrances, you are asked to call the Physical Plant, (651) 962-6530.