'Let’s challenge ourselves … and change our world!'

The 2008 Charitable Giving Campaign kicks off tomorrow and runs through Friday, Oct. 12. Through Charitable Giving, faculty and staff have the opportunity to voluntarily provide financial support to many charitable organizations through one of seven federations. In the next few days, you will receive information in the mail about each of the charitable federations, along with a pledge form and a return envelope.

Federation information
Faculty and staff have the opportunity to voluntarily provide financial support to one or all of the nonprofit federations listed below. If you have questions about a federation and the organizations it supports, review the brochures that will be in the packet of information you receive or choose one of the links that are listed on the Charitable Giving Web site.

In addition to contributing to the federations, you also have the opportunity to designate a specific agency of your choice to be the recipient of your donations (e.g., Catholic Charities, Lutheran Social Services, United Jewish Fund, etc.). Remember, no contribution is too small.

The seven federations are:

  • Community Health Charities
  • Community Shares of Minnesota (formerly Community Solutions Fund)
  • Minnesota Environmental Fund
  • Open Your Heart to the Hungry and the Homeless
  • United Arts United Negro College Fund
  • United Way

We will have a drawing at the end of our campaign. If you are a first-time contributor to the St. Thomas Charitable Giving Campaign, or if you increase your donation by 10 percent over last year’s contribution, you are automatically entered in a drawing for a variety of items donated by the seven federations, the Bookstore, the chief academic officer, the chief administrative officer, the vice president for mission, the chief financial officer, the Gainey Conference Center, the Minnesota Wild, Office Depot and others.

Last year a highlight was a luncheon that Father Dennis Dease hosted for four to five employees whose names were drawn. We had great feedback from those who attended the luncheon last year! A complete list of items and their donors can be found on the Charitable Giving Web site.

Please return your completed pledge form to the Office for Mission (Mail #AQU104) by Oct. 12. Because of changes in the tax laws, be sure you keep a copy of your pledge form and the appropriate W-2 for your tax records. Remember, information about the Charitable Giving Campaign, forms and links to the seven federations can be found on the Charitable Giving Web site.

This is a special opportunity that we have as the St. Thomas community to make a difference in the community around us. “Let’s challenge ourselves … and change our world!”