Professional Notes

Dr. Derrin Pinto and Dr. Richard Raschio, College of Arts and Sciences (Modern and Classical Languages Department), had an article published: "Oye, qué onda con mi dinero? An Analysis of Heritage Speaker Complaints" in Sociolinguistic Studies (Vol. 2, No. 2). The article compares strategies used to voice complaints by native speakers of Spanish, heritage speakers of Spanish and native speakers of English.

James Rogers, Center for Irish Studies, is the author of a personal essay titled "Life-Lists" in the winter issue of the Minneapolis Observer Quarterly. The essay is chiefly a memoir of Peterson’s Field Guide to the Birds, but Rogers says he "takes pride in having managed to work in an allusion to a little-known Irish novella all the same."

Dr. Peter Southard, Opus College of Business, is the co-author of "Evaluating vendor-managed inventory (VMI) in non-traditional environments using simulation," published in International Journal of Production Economics (Vol. 116). Dr. Scott Swenseth of the University of Nebraska also was an author.


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