Professional Notes

Dr. Michael Andregg, Justice and Peace Studies Department, College of Arts and Sciences, presented an invited paper, “Things You Need to Know About Causes of War,” at a panel on “Practitioners and Scholars: Are They Opposites or Collaborators?” at the Intelligence Studies section of the International Studies Association meetings Feb. 19 in New Orleans. He also chaired a Feb. 20 roundtable on “Innovative Uses of the Web by Intelligence Communities for Training, Collection, Analysis and Operations” involving eight participants from four countries.

Dr. Anne Klejment, History Department, College of Arts and Sciences, presented a lecture and discussion on “The Life and Times of John Ireland” to the Irish Genealogical Society on Feb. 20. Because the audience was composed of genealogists, Klejment decided to spice up her talk by looking up immigration and census records pertaining to Ireland and his family. While preparing the talk, Klejment discovered, much to her surprise, that the oral history of the Irelands’ arrival and early years does not match the records that she found on the Ancestry Library database. According to older accounts, Richard Ireland preceded his family, arriving at Montreal in 1848 or 1849 and settled in Burlington, Vt.  The ship manifests, however, show Richard arriving at Castle Garden in New York City in April 1849 and the rest of the family arriving at Castle Garden on Dec. 12, 1849. Although it was believed that the Irelands went to Illinois in 1851 on their way to Minnesota, they were actually settled in Chicago by September 1850 when the federal census was taken. The new information may possibly challenge some of the New England stories that were a part of the oral history about John Ireland. 

Dr. Mark Neuzil, Communication and Journalism Department, College of Arts and Sciences, and director of the Office for Mission, is the author of a book chapter titled "The Nature of Media Coverage: Two Minnesota Fires," in Beyond the Ivory Tower (Marquette Books, 2010). The book is a tribute to Dr. Hazel Dicken-Garcia, a longtime University of Minnesota professor influential in the fields of journalism history and public history.

Dr. Mary Rose O'Reilley, professor emerita of English, is the author of three poems that appear in the current issue of The Literary Review: "The Last," "Reading Anna Karenina on the Empire Builder” and "Confession."  "The Last” has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Her poem "The Third Winter," along with an essay on the writing process, “The Wild Horse,” was published in Making Poems: Forty Poems with Commentary by the Poets," edited by Todd Davis and Erin Murphy (State University of New York, 2010).