Professional Notes

Dr. Mel Gray, Finance Department, Opus College of Business, attended the biannual meeting of the Association for Cultural Economics, International, in June in Copenhagen, Denmark.  He presented a paper, “Budgetary Dynamics, Financial Vulnerability and Organizational Survival:  A Study of Medium-Size Performing Arts Organizations.” He also chaired a panel session on arts funding.

Caitlin Heaney, sophomore, will  sing the national anthem at the Minnesota Twins game against Detroit Aug. 31 at Target Field.

Dr. Lalith Samarakoon, Finance Department, Opus College of Business, is the author of an article, "The Short-Run Underpricing of Initial Public Offerings in the Sri Lankan Stock Market,"  accepted for publication in a forthcoming issue of the Journal of Multinational Financial Management.

Dan Taylor, Auxiliary Services, is author of a three-part series of articles detailing the Civil War service of Ellery Webster of the 11th Vermont Regiment. Webster was captured in 1864 at the Weldon Railroad outside of Petersburg, Va., and spent the next six months in Confederate prisoner of war camps, including Libby Prison and Andersonville.  The articles appeared in the June, July and August issues of Vermont’s Northland Journal.  In addition, Taylor will be the guest speaker  at the magazine’s summer meeting Aug. 26, when he will give a talk about Rogers’ Rangers’ raid on the St. Francis Abenaki village in 1759. The retreat route used by Rogers’ Rangers traversed several parts of northern Vermont.