Public Safety Alert: AARC Thefts

Public Safety would like to alert the University of St. Thomas community of several thefts that occurred in Anderson Athletic and Recreation Complex.

Between 3:15 and 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, June 4, a UST student reported his wallet was stolen from a bag that he left unattended in a first floor locker room.

Between 3:15 and 5:11 p.m., an AARC staff member reported that two additional students reported their personal property was stolen. The second student reported a bank card was stolen from a first floor locker room. At the time, there was no information on what was stolen from the third student.

Through investigation, a person of interest in this, and previous incidents, has been identified. The individual is described as a black male, late teens/early 20’s, thin build, wearing a white ball cap, blue, possibly denim, long sleeve button shirt, dark pants or jeans, with a gray backpack with black trim. Public Safety wishes to identify and speak with this individual.

The University of St. Thomas believes that descriptors alone are not a valid reason to profile or cast suspicion on any individual. They are included here because they may reasonably assist in identifying the perpetrator of this incident.

Public Safety issued alerts/advisories for property thefts in campus buildings on May 15, May 23 and June 3. In those cases, property was stolen after being left unattended or unsecured for a short amount of time. During the summer sessions, there are fewer people on campus. This means there are fewer “eyes” to observe and report suspicious or potential criminal activity. It is even more important for community members to take proactive steps to keep their personal and university property safe. Keep valuables with you, or take steps to secure them properly.

For more information, see Public Safety’s June 5 Alert. Other recent alerts, advisories and bulletins, as well as crime prevention and safety tips, also are posted on the St. Thomas Public Safety website.

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