Students walk across south campus in front of O'Shaughnessy Science Hall in front of the Frey Science & Engineering Center sign on a sunny autumn day on October 13, 2016.

School of Engineering's KEEN Grant Renewed

The University of St. Thomas School of Engineering announced the renewal of a three-year Kern Entrepreneurial Engineering Network (KEEN) grant from the Kern Family Foundation.

This grant will allow the School of Engineering to continue their groundbreaking work on entrepreneurially-minded learning for engineering students to help transform the world. KEEN believes that "engineers equipped with this entrepreneurial mindset understand the bigger picture, can recognize opportunities, evaluate markets, and learn from mistakes to create value for themselves and others."

The grant will also help support the School of Engineering faculty's collaborative learning community as they work to transform engineering education.

"To solve society's grand challenges, we need engineers who can apply curiosity and creativity to the technical skill sets they have in order to come up with truly innovative ideas. This is where an entrepreneurial mindset becomes important," said AnnMarie Thomas, professor of engineering, entrepreneurship and business.

The KEEN network of more than 40 engineering schools also includes Georgia Tech, Marquette, Arizona State, and Villanova. More details on KEEN are available at