Strategic Planning Oversight Committee Chairs Announce Implementation Plans

The implementation of the strategic plan, approved by the Board of Trustees last November, is underway. Many of you attended various forums where we indicated the next steps for implementation. We wanted to update you about the work that has occurred since then.

First, we have updated the Strategic Planning website. It now includes a PDF version of the complete plan.

We are in the process of creating eight task forces that will support the implementation of each of our priorities. They will do this by creating road maps for implementation, setting deadlines and coordinating efforts across various units. Each of these task forces have unique charges and challenges, so each priority will have a different timeline, and will involve units on campus in different ways.

We have identified two co-chairs for each task force (see the list below). These co-chairs will serve as the oversight committee, which will be chaired by Dr. Richard Plumb, with the support of co-chair Dr. Corrine Carvalho. The committee will make sure that the efforts of each task force are coordinated and that the implementation of all parts of the plan are proceeding in a timely manner.

The first job of the committee will be to finalize the structure and membership of the task forces. Co-chairs will propose membership and broad charges for their task force. Each group will have a different configuration selected from various constituents where appropriate, such as duly elected faculty, liaisons from various standing committees of the faculty and university to support good communication, and staff chosen via the Exempt and Non-Exempt Staff Councils. There will be a call for nominations where needed following these initial decisions. Once the task forces are formed, they will articulate a fuller charge for their committee.

We expect each task force to set semester-by-semester goals. We also expect that membership on task forces will remain fluid to suit the changing needs of the committee as its work proceeds. Recommendations of the task forces will be channeled through appropriate decision-making bodies or offices.

We look forward to the involvement of the entire university community in the coming months.

Oversight Committee:

Oversight Committee Chair Richard Plumb, Provost
Oversight Committee Co-chair Corrine Carvalho, Theology
Educating for the Future Wendy Wyatt, Communications and Journalism
John Abraham, Engineering
Flexible Pathways Michael Jordan, Undergraduate Studies
Kendra Garrett, Social Work
Enhanced Visibility and Student Profile Kim Motes, Institutional Advancement
Dan Meyer, Enrollment Services
Global Connections Camille George, Global and Local Engagement
Jonathan Stoltz, Philosophy
Embracing Our Differences as One Human Family Calvin Hill, Diversity and Inclusion
Rob Riley, Economics
Catholic-Inspired Community Engagement Father Larry Snyder, Mission
Karen Lange, Student Affairs
Integrated and Expanded Health and Wellness Programs Jill Manske, Biology
Chris Vye, Professional Psychology
Integrated Planning Mark Vangsgard, Business Affairs
Mike Cogan, Institution Planning and Decision Support