Tech Tuesday: Software resources, licensing and home use

Tech Tuesday: Software resources, licensing and home use

From Information Resources and Technologies

Ever wonder what software is available at UST? The following article covers the most common questions and takes you through the steps to acquire software.

Software gets installed for users every day here at UST. Maybe you’ve already bought something through IRT purchasing or maybe you’re curious about how to obtain software for work or home. Let’s take a look at a few frequently asked questions about this service:

How do I request software for my UST computer? Or a computer lab?

Start by sending the following information in an e-mail to IRT purchasing :

  • Software title desired
  • Budget index number
  • AssetID number(s) of the computer(s) on which you’d like the software installed. The AssetID number can be found on a white or silver sticker on the side of the computer (not the monitor, unless you have a Mac) and looks like this: A000xxxxx.

We’ll respond to your request and let you know the price of the software package and the expected timeline for receipt and installation.

Lab requests work the same way – but we do ask (for the sake of your class) that you give us two weeks to order the software, get it inventoried, installed and tested. We want to make sure it will function properly before you’re using it in front of your students!

I just have a licensing question. Can I call you directly?

It’s better to send an e-mail message so we can take the time to research a response and give you complete information.

I’m a faculty (or staff) member, and I’d like Microsoft Office for home. Where can I get it?

At O'Shaughnessy-Frey Library Center on the St. Paul campus or the Charles J. Keffer Library on the Minneapolis campus. And it’s free! Just visit the Circulation Desk and let them know you’d like to check out the software. You’ll sign a license agreement, and they’ll give you the software for a week. In that time, you can install it on your home computer, then return it to the library.

What about operating systems? I’d like Mac OS X or Windows XP? Are those free, too?

Mac OS X is free for faculty, staff and students; Windows XP is free for faculty and staff. But they’re not available from the library. Contact IRT purchasing to set up an appointment to check out the software.

What other software titles are available for home use?

It depends on what you have installed on your computer at UST. Most software (including all Adobe titles) can be used at home -- as long as you have it installed on your primary computer at UST. For more details, visit IRT's software page. Send an e-mail to IRT purchasing to see if you’re eligible and to schedule an appointment for checking out software.

I’m a student. What software can I get for my home computer?

You can check out Mathematica and Minitab from the O'Shaughnessy-Frey Library Center on the St. Paul campus or the Charles J. Keffer Library on the Minneapolis campus; otherwise, you can visit the Bookstore to purchase Microsoft Office, and the UST TechStore or Academic Superstore to purchase hardware or software.

I want software for my UST-provided computer. Can I go and buy it myself?

If you need software, please start by contacting IRT purchasing. We can get academic and volume discount prices that are significantly lower than what you’ll find at local stores or online. And we can keep UST legally compliant, and the inventory up-to-date when we purchase software; that way, when your computer is replaced or reimaged, you can get up and running much more quickly. Note: Any software that you purchase and have installed on UST equipment will become the property of UST.

What happens after I place my order? How long will it take software to arrive and get installed?

Most software titles are already on site, which means quick turnaround time between when you place your order and when an item gets installed. If it’s something we don’t have in stock, the average time between initial order and installation is around 10 days.

Someone sent me a document that uses a font I don’t have. What now?

Fonts are a little tricky. Some applications come with them as part of the package; others can be purchased separately. Since each situation has its own quirks, contact us at IRT purchasing and we’ll help you wade through the process of making sure you have the same font as a colleague.

Is there detailed information about all this stuff on the Web?

Absolutely. Visit IRT's hardware and software site to read more about policies and procedures.