Tutor/Mentor Program recognizes volunteers

Tutor/Mentor Program recognizes volunteers

From the Tutor/Mentor Program

The Tutor/Mentor Program would like to thank the 460 students who provided a consistent presence in the lives of K-12 students at one of 24 public schools, charter schools, parochial schools, or after school programs in Minneapolis and St. Paul during the 2006-07 academic year.

In particular, the following tutors are recognized for their outstanding commitment to community service through the Tutor/Mentor Program. These students have tutored for at least four semesters, two full academic years, with some tutoring as many as eight semester, four academic years.

The number above the groups of names is the number of semesters the students have tutored.

Tabatha Cleary
Ashley Kimble

Brett Amundson
Erik Barner
Jenny Olin
Jessica Nelson
Nicole Toussaint
Malik Watkins

Joe Hutchins
Caseye Pofahl
May Vang
Sarah Walsh

Kristen Alesso
James Ewer
Sarah Farnes
Taryn Fox
David Green
Renee Husman
John Loeden
Tracy McCubbin
Katie McGarry
Katia Nazaryants
Sarah Quinn
Josh Rutz
Cassie Sorgatz
Patty Swenson
Justin Thom
Sheila Vang
Matt Walz