UST Fall 2013 Census Reports Available Online

The official University of St. Thomas fall 2013 census reports now are available on the Office of Institutional Effectiveness website in the right-hand column under the Community Resources heading. These reports reside in SharePoint and require a valid UST email and password to access.

Census Data

  • Fall 2013 Census – Provides official census headcount numbers grouped by: FTE, gender, race or ethnicity, age, religious affiliations, veterans, full-time and part-time status, average credit load, student type and campus-residence status. It also includes class-size characteristics (i.e., average section size, faculty-to-student ratio, etc.) and undergraduate retention rates.
  • Fall 2013 FTFY – Transfer Student Profile – Additional new Undergraduate Student Cohort census characteristic headcount measures.
  • Fall 2013 Supplemental Census – Includes additional enrollment and/or headcount information as of census day.
  • Fall 2013 Student Profile – Additional census day student characteristic headcount measures.

Additional annual factbooks available to the UST community:

  • Data Factbook – This report provides quantitative information and official numbers concerning critical dimensions of the university that include: headcount, outcomes awarded and course offering measures.
  • Grade Factbook – This report provides grade distribution information that includes: number of grades assigned using a particular grading mode, number of grades assigned using a particular grade mode at a particular level (i.e., UG, GR), and average grade by course number (i.e., 100 level, 200 level, etc.)
  • Outcomes Awarded 2012-2013 – This report provides quantitative (counts and percentages) information concerning outcomes awarded (i.e., degrees, certificates). The information is organized by two-digit CIP (classification of instructional program).
  • Retention and Graduation Rates 2012-2013 – This report provides baseline information concerning undergraduate retention and graduation patterns at UST including: one- and two-year retention rates and four-, five- and six-year graduation rates.