Ahmed Eshmawy

Senior Strides: Ahmed Eshmawy

This week in Senior Strides, we'll get to know mechanical engineering major Ahmed Eshmawy. Eshmawy has been working with General Dynamics Missions Systems part time since February  and will become a full-time employee of the company after he graduates. He also will remain a Tommie when he returns this fall as a student in the M.S. in Manufacturing Engineering program in the School of Engineering. Even better, his employer will fully reimburse his tuition costs.

Job title?

"I was hired into the Manufacturing Leadership program. It’s a cross-functional rotational program designed to be a pipeline to develop future business leaders so members (of the program) can quickly advance their technical and leadership skills. Members are carefully measured on performance objectives throughout each rotation."

Why do you think you were hired?

"Besides being a teaching assistant for Engineering Graphic and Design since spring 2015, I have done research in the fluids lab with professor Thomas Shepard, which we are in the process of publishing. My previous internship was at Advanced Molding Technologies as a quality engineering intern from May last year until I got my job at General Dynamics.

"During the school year, a couple of friends and I started projects in the Robotics Club here. We took the university for the first time to compete at the ION Autonomous Snowplow Competition in St. Paul. I also volunteered every summer for STEPS Camp, which is held at St. Thomas. During STEPS, I had a chance to spend quality time with seventh-graders and teach them about engineering.

"Also, St. Thomas’ Career Development Center was more than helpful in preparing me for the interview process. I got my first internship from the postings on the CDC’s Job and Internship Listings web page.

Who were some influential teachers?

"Dr. AnnMarie Thomas and Dr. John Wentz have been very supportive, offering help whenever there was a chance. I was influenced by Dr. Thomas’ positive energy and persistence. I have learned from both of them that one doesn’t have to be the smartest or have the highest GPA. It's the effort you put forth to achieve your goals."

Tell us about your favorite course at St. Thomas.

"Material Science and Engineering. I was fascinated by the material properties and what we can do to change the properties to come up with new elements that have better chemical and physical properties."

What will you miss most about St. Thomas?

"I will miss working closely with professors like John Abraham, Brittany Nelson-Cheeseman and Thomas Shepard. These are people who impacted my learning curve."